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KATSAROS (Thessaly, Greece)

The Katsaros estate has almost cult status in Greece. This is only partly due to its extraordinary location, at Krania, which is next to the well known wine region of Rapsani 700 metres up the south-eastern flanks of Mount Olympus with a wonderful view over the Tempe gorge and the Aegean Sea. It might be due to the fact that its founder, Dr Dimitris Katsaros, took time out of a successful medical career to build up and supervise the estate, a labour that bespeaks true love; or even to the estate’s small and organic production. These facts create expectations which could not be fulfilled except by the highest standards. Katsaros has retained and increased a loyal following through assiduous attention to quality. We are very pleased to list his wines because they are an excellent example of how the native soil can give individuality to international varietals and how Greece can produce Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blends that are more than a match for international competition.

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